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N.I.A.A The Northern Illinois Anglers Association (N.I.A.A.) is a nonprofit organization that was formed by individuals who are profoundly concerned about the ecological future of the waterways in Illinois.

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All meetings are open to the public, and are the 4th wednesday of every month @ bbsc @ 7 pm except June it is always the 3rd wednesday at 7pm this year would be on the 17th

Upcoming Events

  • July 8th Shocking Day @ Birds Park boat ramp 9am
  • July 10th Kankakee Fishing Derby starts, and ends July 18th @ 6pm
  • Sept 19th River clean up starts @ 8am till 1pm


  • New River is now open! Derby will start Friday and run till 19th @ 6pm. Registrations open till 18th all previous rules apply. Prize night 22nd @ Bbsc.
  • The early bird drawing winner is Kevin Belletete of St. Anne
  • The 2015 Fishing Derby is just around the corner register now to be able to take part in it! If you would like to see the prizes and sponsors for this year check them out here