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  • 2015 River Cleanup @ Beckman Park
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N.I.A.A The Northern Illinois Anglers Association (N.I.A.A.) is a nonprofit organization that was formed by individuals who are profoundly concerned about the ecological future of the waterways in Illinois.

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All meetings are open to the public, and are the 4th wednesday of every month @ bbsc @ 7 pm except June it is always the 3rd wednesday at 7pm this year would be on the 17th. See Calendar for details.

Upcoming Events

  • Dec 25th Merry Christmas
  • Jan 1st Happy New Year


  • Happy Holidays The N.I.A.A Board members would like to wish every member and their families a wonderful and safe holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a wonderful start to a new year
  • Gallery Check out the gallery page for pictures from past events, and if you have some NIAA related pictues please email them to